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84073 Sapri Italia 
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this paintings, drawings and prints are also for sale, 
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aquila e barca dei pescatori
eagle and boat of the fishermens friends


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The geometric abstract

Original Painting in Oil, Acrylic, Oilpastel, Pastel and Pencil on Panelboard. this is an original oil and mixed media painting from the collection The geometric abstract ! 30 cm x 40 cm x 0.3 cm panel board size, and signed on the backside !
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Concepible – Simple is the human






prints / stampe / drucke

Concepible - Simple is the human was 
showed by the exibithion 2012 
" Concepible - Simple is the human " 
at the Palazzo Vecchio in Vibonati .
/ Italy http://woytasik.no-art.info/en/shows/2012_vecchio.html

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 Acquerello and the News Paper

6  watercolor on paper and newspaper . They were painted in 1997 in Berlin and presented Prenzlauerberg 2002 in the Gallery Tivoli.  Every watercolor leaf glued to the newspaper Financial Times, in the total extent 60 cm x 37,5 cm.

The AcquerelloFinancialTimes is made on Paper of high quality  Each of the 6 works of art is covered with a filmstrip !   N.E.W. / ITALY

*the 6 artworks are reserved !

a small zoo in space

Original painting in oil and prints made in Cilento Italy





Original drawing and prints about animals from the Heidelberg Zoo in Germany









online for sale Argato Auktion Dresden

women without cars … and the city





the drawings are tempera color and pencil color on paper
and the size of each drawing is 70 cm x 50 cm x 0,1 cm,
also is the  original’s signed on the frontside !
is a series of short-term positions in the female pose on the beach in Italy, and in midsummer august 2010  in sapri, to draw these ladys and with the evening sun to enjoy the time, is an emotion colors dance… with a lot of fun and flowers!

la città


the originals are in acrylic on canvas
and the size of each painting is 90 cm x 70 cm x 0,1 cm,
also is the  original’s signed on the frontside !

La lumo de Eŭropo

Von Lampedusa bis zum gruenen Licht des Nordens in Europa 
gibt es bis heute noch eine Strasse, die sogenannte roemische 
Strasse Europas, viel ist nicht geblieben auf dieser Strecke 
- vielleicht sind es nur die Tempel von Peastum und die antike 
Atmosphaere, vielleicht auch nur die Reben des Weines,

poetisch gesehen geht man die Wege nicht mehr !
In a great part of the territory of Cilento and Vallo di Diano 
there was instituted, on 1991, a national park, to protect the 
territory from building speculation and mass tourism. 
In 1998 the park became a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.


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 prints / stampe / drucke
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formen & farben / forme e colori

7 schwarz / weiss studien der formen




farb studien originale und drucke




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